Some things that you might be curious about.

Credit goes to Rarity Tools for their "Rarity Score" method: The total Rarity Score for an NFT is the sum of the Rarity Score of all of its trait values.

Formula for traits:

( .01 / ( [number_of_flovatars_with_same_trait] / [number_of_flovatars] ) )

Formula for Flobits:

( .01 / ( [number_of_flovatars_with_same_flobit_equipped] / [number_of_flovatars] ) )

Formula for total rarity score:

( [traits_score] + [flobits_score] + [native_flovatar_booster_score] )

Held items are each scored by their daily ÐUST distribution:

  • Spark: 2.743414
  • Rare Booster: 0.48466963
  • Epic Booster: 2.95374133
  • Legendary Booster: 15.2716657

Mint numbers are scored on a sliding scale where #1 gets 10 points and the most recent mint gets 0 points.

Your Flovatar's image on the site will update instantly, but calculation of new scores usually takes around 10-20 minutes to process. You might also try clearing your browser's cache. Ping derp3x:0001 in Discord with your mint number if you're still not seeing updates after more than an hour.

  • Combo: Official treasure hunt code unlock
  • Combo: Flova Labs crystal ball message
  • Combo: Flova Labs space helmet message
  • Combo: Flova Labs Gameboy message
  • Combo: green test tube liquid
  • Combo: red parrot
  • Combo: spartan helmet red plume
  • Combo: spartan helmet black plume
  • Combo: Chewbacca sash
  • Combo: racer helmet color
  • Combo: Ferrari racer helmet
  • Combo: Power Ranger helmet color
  • Combo: Red Ranger helmet
  • Combo: boxing shorts and championship belt
  • Combo: boxing shorts
  • Combo: Lucha libre fan poster
  • Combo: Marty McFly outfit (Back to the Future)
  • Combo: Doc Brown remote control (Back to the Future)
  • Combo: spinning chainsaw lumberjack
  • Combo: spinning chainsaw killer
  • Combo: energized wizard staff
  • Combo: interactive burning fireball
  • Combo: energized sledge hammer
  • Combo: multi-color bong water
  • Combo: wiggling tequila worm
  • Combo: Folverine claws gold fully extended
  • Combo: Folverine claws partially extended
  • Combo: Infinity Gauntlet partially activated
  • Combo: Infinity Gauntlet fully activated
  • Combo: hatched baby dragon
  • Combo: rainbow solar poop
  • Combo: interactive soccer ball
  • Combo: interactive basketball
  • Combo: formal white suit
  • Combo: snake color change green
  • Combo: snake color change blue
  • Combo: mask flashing eyes
  • Combo: ÐUST detector blip
  • Combo: Flovan ranger
  • Combo: Hans Solo
  • Combo: flower dance
  • Combo: calculator message
  • Combo: Rambo full
  • Combo: Rambo knife
  • Combo: ÐUST Buster activate
  • Combo: magic tricks
  • Combo: lipstick lips
  • Combo: snake charmer
  • Combo: multi-color yo-yo
  • Combo: multi-color fidget spinner
  • Combo: trippy cotton candy
  • Combo: American flag football helmet
  • Combo: TMNT Raphael
  • Combo: TMNT Raphael Mask
  • Combo: TMNT Raphael Full
  • Combo: TMNT Leonardo
  • Combo: TMNT Leonardo Mask
  • Combo: TMNT Leonardo Full
  • Combo: TMNT Michelangelo
  • Combo: TMNT Michelangelo Mask
  • Combo: TMNT Michelangelo Full
  • Combo: TMNT Donatello
  • Combo: TMNT Donatello Mask
  • Combo: TMNT Donatello Full
  • Combo: TMNT Shredder Outfit
  • Combo: TMNT Shredder full
  • Combo: twirling lasso
  • Combo: hair pick
  • Combo: Jack Torrance full (The Shining)
  • Combo: Jack Torrance outfit (The Shining)
  • Combo: Jack Torrance hair and eyes (The Shining)
  • Combo: Negan Smith (Walking Dead)
  • Combo: Lederhosen outfit
  • Combo: Ripley outfit (Alien)
  • Combo: breakdance tracksuit
  • Combo: flaming Delorean trails (Back to the Future)
  • Combo: Hannibal Lecter straight jacket
  • Combo: Hannibal Lecter hair
  • Combo: Hannibal Lecter full
  • Combo: Ghostbuster outfit
  • Combo: Ghostbuster outfit & Slimer
  • Combo: Terminator outfit
  • Combo: Frankenstein head
  • Combo: Capt. Jack Sparrow outfit
  • Combo: Johnny Lawrence outfit (Karate Kid / Cobra Kai)
  • Combo: fish bowl fill up
  • Combo: smoked out Mystery Machine
  • Combo: green bubble smoke
  • Combo: Lord Sauron - The One Ring
  • Overall rarity rank
  • Future ÐUST OG bonus amount
  • Minted on day 1 (Dec 16th 2021 UTC)
  • Part of a top 10 ranked collection
  • First community mint
  • First legendary community mint
  • Hasn't changed since mint
  • First ever common Flovatar
  • First ever rare Flovatar
  • First ever epic Flovatar
  • First ever legendary Flovatar
  • 7 matching boosters
  • First ever to use 7 boosters
  • First ever to use 7 legendary boosters
  • First ever to use 7 epic boosters
  • First ever to use 7 rare boosters
  • 4 legendary Flobits
  • Only to use 4 legendary Flobits
  • #1 to 10 top score overall
  • #1 to 10 top traits score
  • #1 to 10 top Flobits score
  • Meme mint number
  • Milestone mint number
  • Newest mint
  • First ever minted
  • Last to ever be minted
  • Single digit mint number
  • 2 digit mint number
  • 3 digit mint number
  • Consecutive count up mint number
  • Consecutive count down mint number
  • Repeater mint number
  • Not for sale
  • Official mascot -
  • Official mascot - C-3PFLO's Twitter bot
  • Official mascot - WildTurkey008's Flovatar Universe Daily (FUD)
  • Official mascot - Shuckster's Floor Prices
  • Official mascot - OldEDB's Market Dashboard
  • Former Flovatar of the Week winner
  • Eligible for First 100 Club
  • The first ape
  • The first devil
  • The first Flo Trotter
  • The first droid
  • The first racer
  • The first cat
  • The first to be naked
  • The first eligible for Undead Club
  • The first to wear a Power Suit
  • The first to wear a Star Ranger robe
  • The first to wear a suit
  • The first eligible for Girl Power Club
  • The first stoner
  • The first mustache
  • The first astronaut
  • The first eligible for Gray Club
  • Minted by the founder of <project-name-here>
  • Minted by the creator of
  • Minted during International NFT Day Sep. 20, 2022
  • 2022 Ultimate Flovatar of the Week Champion
  • Official Schuckster™ (see below)
  • #ÐUSTDayMint during ÐUST release festivities July 10, '23

If you have any suggestions for more highlights to add please ping derp3x:0001 in Discord or email

An Official Schuckster™, not to be confused with the imposter "Chucksters", are Flovatars minted with a certain minimum combination of traits to achieve a certain look that was originally created by community member Schuckster (their collection is here). The minimum combination of traits to qualify as an Official Schuckster™ are:

Nose: Common "Small"
Mouth: Common "Full Smile" or rare "Fangs Smile" or rare "Full Smile Missing Tooth"
Facial Hair: Any of the 4 standalone mustaches
Hair: Any of the 4 rare mohawks
Eyes: Rare "Standard Dead" or epic "Demon Dead"

Please ping derp3x:0001 in Discord or email